Akita Dog … This is actually quite a young breed that was developed from Akita Inu dogs after the World War II.At that time, Japan was under occupation of the USA and US servicemen were regularly sent on tour in that land. With the thick double-layered coat, this hardy canine is safe from the snow and the cold all winter long. It is a formidable hunter and fighting dog; Police Open Investigation into Dog Fighting After Dozens of Dogs, Animal Fighting Pits Found at Virginia Home. For years Akitas were bred to cultivate size and aggression. The Akita is a large and powerful dog bree d with a noble and intimidating presence. During the 1800s, dog fighting became a popular “sport” in Japanese culture. The breed continues to be used to hunt wild boar, deer, and other large game. Akita Inu Museum. Natural Instincts. Yuuki Go Shirai Red and White Japan 2015: Masato Go Shirai Red and White Japan 2014: No.1 Yoken B - 127th Honbuten. Nowadays Akita is used as a guard or police dog. The Akita gradually lost its popularity as a fighting dog because other breeds proved more efficient fighters (and dog fighting had been outlawed). This gave the breed time to flourish, but that safety was short lived, because soon after a widespread outbreak of rabies threatened dogs in the region. The average size of the Akita is 24-28 inches tall and 70-130 pounds. During World War II, the breed was nearly lost because many Akitas, especially those in the cities, were killed for food or for their pelts. Image Source. The Akita is a medium sized domestic Dog breed, first bred in Japan in the 1600s. The Akita is a large Japanese Spitz breed that has been bred for hunting large game, and later on bred for dog-fighting, guarding, and companionship. The Akita Was Used in Dog Fighting. As dog-fighting became unpopular - and in places, unlawful - the Akita found a number of other ways to use its talents. The Akita originates from the Akita Prefecture in the north-east of Japan, hence its name. Even today, the Akita has remained the national dog breed and symbol of Japan. Height: 23 to 28 inches tall. As the horrible sport of dog fighting gained popularity, the Akita's size, strength, and spirit made it an obvious favorite in the pits. The exact reason for their initial creation is still disagreed upon, as to whether or not they were first bred as hunting or as fighting … It’s full of dignity and pride, and it stands with just that kind of temperament, especially when it comes to other dogs. This group consists of miscellaneous breeds of dog mainly of a non-sporting origin, including the Bulldog, Dalmatian, Akita and Poodle. There one can learn about the history of the breed from their start as fighting and hunting dogs (incidentally the Akita Dialect word for fighting dog or dog fight is えねくれぁ), companions to lords and samurai, and how the modern form of the breed came about. Great with children and small dogs, the Akita + Chow mix is also very easy to train. However, since 1603, in the Akita region, Akita Matagis (medium-sized bear-hunting dogs) were used as fighting dogs. Being as territorial as they are, Akitas tend to be more dominant when it comes to other dogs. Akita Inu vs Pitbull: The Pitbull is used for dog fighting and guarding like the Akita, but it has weaker bite strength with a PSI of 235 lbs. Akita + Chow. Unfortunately, in the Second World War, many Akita were killed because of the fine hair, but the breed survived and was popular among US soldiers who brought more puppies to the states. Akita, breed of working dog that originated in the mountains of northern Japan. Unfortunately, as dog fighting became popular, the Akita was also developed for dog aggressiveness.