For him, “Tell me about my client” is an important question. He asks: “Please describe why you are interested in seeking the position of President of XXX at this time in your career and describe what you would want to accomplish in your first 90 days of being on the job?”. Don’t be hesitant to venture outside of rigid Finance Director interview questions and answers. Andrew believes that this is a question that can reveal a lot about a potential candidate. This is one of the most important question in an executive-level interview, since your ability to deal with it reflects your readiness for the job. However, don’t focus exclusively on what the recruiter might be asking you – take advantage of the opportunity to ask questions of the interviewer. You will likely meet a panel of high executives from the company. 60 Interview Questions for Executive Director Jobs (Includes Sample Answers) General questions. Test your candidates in different ways. This is often unfair – many candidates don’t fully understand the executive search process and so assume that they are “being headhunted” when they are simply a name on a long list of potential candidates being approached by a researcher. In this regular blog, we’ll be asking senior-level executive recruiters around the World to share example interview questions that they pose to the executives they meet – and to share the thinking behind the questions. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 3,767 companies. The worst answer is to treat a generic question with a generic answer… “I would get it right, of course” is a really bad answer. Check the respective articles on Interview Penguin to understand how to prepare for screening and behavioral part of the interview process. © Ikiru People Limited, a subsidiary of Dillistone Group Plc, By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy. Executive search consultants who wish to provide advice – either for a blog or a live webinar, are invited to contact Yann Le Leyour at GatedTalent. Join The Free Webinar, how executive search firms find candidates, LinkedIn profile optimization for executives, Looking for a new role? As the process moves on, the focus can change. Nick Joly, a Partner with executive search firm Hadley Joly, explains why these types of executive interview questions tend to come up so often: “Assuming the executive meets and exceeds the companies requirements and qualifications, it comes down to “is this individual a good fit for the organization.”. “We need to understand the reasons why a candidate considers a change even though he/she has a good job. You should also have a clear vision of what you want to achieve on your position, and which direction you plan to take after they hire you for the job. To interview for an executive-level position can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There is no cheat sheet of common questions and answers that can be expected in an executive interview – no list of questions that a potential board director can prep for. In this context, cultural fit is critical. He is the founder of website. She likes to understand the values of the leaders she interviews, and does this with a series of interview questions: “I’m trying to find out what the Executive’s values are and how they might match with my client. We have compiled a list of the most likely asked interview questions for a person who is applying for a nursing director position. However, at the interview stage, it would certainly be reasonable to expect feedback from the recruiter. It all boils down to understanding your management style, kind of work culture and work style you prefer.”. Now you should have a good reason for that…. Analyze the situation, and prepare a simple plan of action. Well, you better nail this one. It seems some executives dread answering scenario interview questions. If you need more information, do not hesitate to start a discussion with the interviewing panel. Typical Competency based Interview Questions and Answers List. Why do you think so? Generally speaking, the full search process will be explained during your meeting, and you should leave with a good understanding of the next steps. And it’s important to leverage perceptions and reality, what we are and what we project and others see. They will likely give you some time to prepare your answer. I suggest you to avoid talking about a better salary, the one you will get in your new job. She asks: “I guess you haven’t come to meet us just out of curiosity and there is some reason behind why you would consider talking about the job opportunity we mentioned?”. Hopefully, some of the points discussed will help you prepare for the director or c-level interview. There is no cheat sheet of common questions and answers that can be expected in an executive interview – no list of questions that a potential board director can prep for. And you should not say that you want to leave becasue you seek a better team, or better boss. They will ask about various projects you competed before, especially the projects that somehow relate to their business. I agree, By clicking Join Now, you agree to the GatedTalent, By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in our, Want To Get On The Radar of Executive Recruiters? Check them out below (and good luck!) When you throw in an interview with the CEO of the company, the process can become even more intimidating. Honestly I have only ever seen this end in tears. She argues: “However trivial the question may sound, it is one of the most important topics for us executive recruiters; we ask you basically what are you like, what are your strengths and weaknesses based on your own assessment and perhaps also based on the real feedback you get from your colleagues and friends, potentially based on the formal performance talks. Do you think you will be a good fit for this role? Please follow the instructions to activate your account. An increasingly important executive competency sought after in a tough economy is cost-cutting. Mariana Turanova makes a good point. 1. It’s worth noting that an executive search process is likely to involve multiple discussions, and the executive interview questions are likely to vary by stage. What are the facts, and can they be verified? What you can say though is that you seek a new challenge, or that you believe you are in a stage of your career when you deserve the executive job, that you are ready to take the position. Senior-level candidates can expect to be challenged when facing retained executive search interview questions. Conversely, fumbling for an answer to any of them looks real bad. Tell us why you want to lead this organization. Nevertheless, if you researched about the company, if you have already made your analysis, and know what you should do, you can present your plan of action in the interview. 1. (they describe some challenge, or goal which they want to achieve in the company). Question 1: What is your management philosophy? Dennis explains the positioning: “This is an upfront softball question to relax the candidate yet offers them an opportunity to express why they are pursuing this position and a chance to articulate their plans for their first 90 days on the job. However, specific themes can be expected in many management and leadership interview scenarios and, as Andrew Guy – a board member with global executive search firm Friisberg & Partners explains – such questions: “…are open goals and should be thought through fully and hammered into the back of the net when/if asked. Talking experience, and behavioral questions, How to prepare for an interview with the CEO. To access these sessions, log in to your GatedTalent account (certain videos are for Premium Members only). What will happen in an executive-level job interview? This is the time to present your vision. Many recruiters aim to validate the claims made by executives during the leadership interview process. How to get hired by nailing the 20 most common interview questions employers ask. What insights can be obtained from this situation? 1. Your board needs to have a certain amount of distance from the executive director. Aim to understand what the client organization does and how it does it, and the strategic challenges it faces. You have likely left your job, or you plan to leave it, if they hire you for the executive-level position. Top 10 non executive director interview questions and answers 1. We need to understand what is the problem in the workplace (company merging? May 25, 2014 / Executive CV / Executive Interviews. Here are a few example executive interview questions: How to Answer Tough Management Interview Questions. A good executive always has their philosophy of leading business. Successes and failures belong to the life of an executive. Then I can explore with them the reasoning and rationale for their decisions on that occasion – which will be useful and revealing.”. Often we have a perception of ourselves that does not 100% match with how people see us. The idea is to tailor a sales pitch covering main elements within a one minute timescale. Inquire about what things were learned from past challenges or failures. Moreover, it is a strong indicator of the command that the executive candidate has of the client company, industry group and issues/opportunities that lie ahead. Dennis C. Miller of Dennis C. Miller Associates recruits executives and board members for Nonprofit organizations in the US and beyond. If you have an interview coming up and you know you’ll speak with the CEO, here are some interview questions you should be able to answer… He asks potential candidates: “Please provide an example of a successful organizational strategic initiative or change you recently led, and what were the main obstacles and how did you overcome them?”, “I want to get a real sense of the candidate’s experience moving an organization strategically forward, and how they motivated their team to work towards the solution. John V. Jazylo is a Partner in New York with US executive search firm Leadership Capital Group. Leigh Ann Arthur heads LAA International, a Dutch executive search firm operating globally in the fields of Marketing, Digital Communications, eCommerce and Data. In the early stages, the recruiter is focused on both evaluating the candidate and persuading her to consider the role. Can you briefly tell us a little about yourself and the synergies that exist between your experience and what is required by this board? He helps job seekers from all walks of life to pursue their career goals, and to prepare for their interviews. Try to emphasize the lessons you learned from your successes and failures, and how they helped you to become a better leader. What do you know about our company? Let’s have a look at what will happen in an interview, and how you can improve your chances of signing the coveted job contract. The interview is a chance for you to get to know each candidate and understand how they are likely to react to specific situations. Do it clearly, talk to the point, and show them that you have already thought about your new role in their company. Dennis Miller provides an excellent example of this. How do you perceive yourself and how do others perceive you? The value is always in the follow up anyway… I want to hear about examples of competing and conflicting interests, what pressures were at play, why, and about the outcomes – even if they were “learning opportunities” and not an unqualified success. What do you feel are your biggest strengths and weaknesses. This plan does not have to necessarily be transformative, but they should at least have an idea where they want to take the organization and be able to articulate it at the interview. Here are 14 Interview questions to ask your potential executive director. Question 4: Why did you leave your last job (why do you want to leave your present job)? Once you are in the interview, ask relevant questions – your aim here is both to show what you know and thereby position yourself as knowledgeable, but also to determine if the position is right for you. She wants to find out: “The questions are designed to assure that your team and peers perceive you the same way you perceive yourself. 5 Specific Executive Director Interview Questions Prepping for a job interview can be nerve-racking – not just if you’re an interviewee, but also if you’re the interviewer. The above interview questions also can be used for job title levels: entry level foundation executive director, junior foundation executive director, senior foundation executive director, foundation executive director assistant, foundation executive director associate, foundation executive director administrator, foundation executive director clerk, foundation executive director … These questions can help an interviewer get to know you and understand your interest in a director position: Why are you leaving your present position? Is my company crystal clear in its purpose and values, and who in my company will serve as the culture evaluator... 2. Mariana Turanova of Target Executive Search in Slovakia seeks to discover similar information. Top 25 Executive Interview Questions & Answers 1) You begin with gathering facts. How to interview a Non-Executive Director. An overall loss of motivation caused by the company and its recent internal changes or by “nothing is going to change here” or by some other, maybe even more personal reasons). Synonymous with behavioural interviews or competency-based interviews, the reality is these techniques are here to stay. Fresh graduates do not apply for executive-level jobs. How to answer: Questions about experience and background. Another test of your attitude to work. Top Tips For Your Finance Director Interview Questions. How to answer executive interview questions . Hopefully, however, while there are no generic “examples for CEO interview questions”, the thoughts of our recruiter clients will help you prepare for an interview, to think through the common themes, and consider your answers to the types executive interview questions you might face. 19,629 director ~1~null~1~ interview questions. You need to have played in the Job Searching Guide ... 12 of the Toughest Interview Questions With Answers. If a retained executive search firm invites you to interview, you can expect to be challenged! We’ll be running future blogs with interview advice in the future, so be sure to follow us on Social Media to ensure you don’t miss out on further information. Generally speaking, recruiters will avoid predictable questions that can lead to trite answers. The key is to show your project management skills, and your ability to analyze the problems and suggest a plan of action. Senior-level executives do not “apply” for positions. Here you need to demonstrate... 3. One way or another, try to focus on the future, not on the past. Here are a few executive interview questions you need to ask yourself before you start talking to candidates: 1. Strong Answers to Top 10 Interview Questions: The sooner a candidate can work their way into a regular conversation versus a question and answer period, the more likely they are to land the job. Certainly you want to do everything right, leaving the best possible impression in the room. This is an ice-breaker to get executives talking about themselves, where it is important to refine an elevator pitch covering key aspects of experience (brief summary outline), unique selling points, main strengthens / skills, qualifications / professional development and areas where candidates can benefit / add value employers most. The right executive interview questions delve into specific executive and leadership competencies. Your aim should be to understand the role that you are being considered for. Conversely, fumbling for an answer to any of them looks really bad.”. It is entirely appropriate to send a follow-up note to the recruiter if you have haven’t received feedback within two weeks of the meeting. Ask for descriptions of how to handle conflict and provide examples from past positions. In this post, however, we will focus on the final interview, the one with the decision makers. Ask about weaknesses; how those weaknesses affected past job positions; and how to compensate for them. To interview for an executive-level position can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Over time institutions have learned that “fit” is becoming a critical factor in determining longer tenure of employment; therefore, search committees and hiring agents are now asking themselves the question during the interview process, “Can we see this candidate working and staying here?”  Hiring in Higher Education is becoming a time, value and money proposition.”. How... 2) Based on these facts you brainstorm ideas. (This question is only relevant for those coming back for a second round of interviews so they can express their thoughts on their first 90 days. Because they can be expected, they can and should be dealt with very deftly. You want to make sure that the executive director has a vision. You should show them that you take neither the first, nor the second, as something definite, that you can look at things from distance and make the best of everything that life throws at you. Top 10 non executive director interview questions and answers In this file, you can ref interview materials for non executive director such as types of interview questions, non executive director situational interview, non executive director behavioral interview… The most valuable assets of any organization with a purpose are its people, and that’s why hiring is so important. Headhunters do sometimes get a bad press for not following up with executives. Executive represents the company, but they are also bound to make decisions, the most important decisions actually. ” It demonstrates how well the candidate did their research on my client and the position they are interviewing for. Whether you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a job, review our list of top Executive Assistant interview questions and answers. You should have your own way of doing things, of leading people, and managing the company. Examples of first versus second interview questions. From behavioral Interview questions to salary related questions, you will be able to get all your answers right here. Whether you are preparing to interview a candidate or applying for a job, review our list of top IT Director interview questions and answers. Typically a screening interview (over the phone, with an HR manager or HR generalist, or agency recruiter), a face to face interview (they will ask you mostly behavioral questions at this stage). Attend our FREE webinar to understand the executive search process. But, these are a few of the most difficult interview questions to prepare for: 1. Your interview process should be creative and flexible. Below are seven of the best tough interview questions you should ask executive candidates and why they work. Get ready for them and avoid negative surprises in your interview. Before the interview, do your due diligence. They will ask you about the challenges you faced, the results you achieved, and how you progressed on your way to achieving them. Read our tips from top interview experts and be more prepared at your interview than anyone else. The Balance Careers Menu Go. Don’t sweat it! Tell us about your previous nonprofit experience. Because they can be expected, they can and should be dealt with very deftly.