Henry Montgomery was seventeen at the time of his crime, a tenth-grade truant caught in a park by Charles Hurt, a deputy sheriff. The address on file for this person is Rt. Henry Montgomery, Petitioner v. Louisiana Docketed: September 9, 2014 Lower Ct: Supreme Court of Louisiana Case Nos. Tuesday, Henry Montgomery will be propelled into the national spotlight when the U.S. Supreme Court hears his case, Montgomery v. Louisiana . The young person at the center of the case is Henry Montgomery, who in 1963 was a black teenager convicted for the murder of a white deputy sheriff in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, amid a … The U.S. Supreme Court ruled two years ago that Henry Montgomery, serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff's deputy, should get a parole hearing. A Supreme Court decision allowed him to apply for parole. Henry Montgomery, 71, from Louisiana was denied parole Monday. These individuals collectively are associated with 4 Advocates for juvenile convicts say parole boards around the country aren't giving enough weight to the Supreme Court's directive that children who commit heinous crimes are capable of change. The population of Montgomery was 726 at the 2010 census. In 1969, he was Henry "Wolf Man" Montgomery - Louisiana Those wishing to create an account, please contact the site administration and we will set up your account manually. Almost 50 The town has a poverty rate of 37 percent and a median household income of just under $22,000. Henry Montgomery’s lawyer, Mark D. Plaisance of Thibodaux, La., tried valiantly to get the Court to focus on his plea to make the Miller decision retroactive so that his client could have a remedy, but he kept running into Justices Henry Montgomery (of Montgomery v. Louisiana) denied parole yet again at age 72 A few years ago Henry Montgomery won in the Supreme Court with his claim that the landmark Eighth Amendment decision in Miller v. Alabama Henry Montgomery is listed as an Agent with Monty's H & C (Inc.) in Louisiana. In November of 1963, Henry Montgomery, a 17-year-old African-American 10th-grader was playing hooky in a park just outside Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when he was approached by Charles Hunt Jr., a deputy sheriff who had been assigned that day to round up truants. Henry Montgomery, Petitioner Mark D. Plaisance, Counsel of Record In 1963, Henry Montgomery was convicted of murdering Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Deputy Sheriff Charles Hurt, for which he received an automatic death sentence. Justices will decide whether to offer hope of parole to prisoners automatically sentenced to life in prison … He was convicted of murder and sentenced to Montgomery v. Louisiana, 577 U.S. ___ (2016), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that its previous ruling in Miller v. Alabama (2012), that a mandatory life sentence without parole should not apply to persons convicted of murder committed as juveniles, should be applied retroactively.. Certiorari was granted in this case to resolve the question. Hwy. PETITIONER: Henry Montgomery RESPONDENT: Louisiana LOCATION: Louisiana Supreme Court DOCKET NO. Henry Montgomery, the central figure of Montgomery v. Louisiana, is in a similar predicament. Monday, a board denied his release. As of 2016, he was sixty-nine years old and had missed the societal shift in Louisiana and the United States. Even though Montgomery was 17 when he committed the offense for which he received the mandatory sentence of life in prison, the Louisiana state courts held that no relief was available now because the Supreme Court’s decision in Miller should not be applied retroactively to cases on collateral review. Henry Montgomery, the petitioner in Montgomery v. Louisiana , whom the court characterized as a model prisoner, was resentenced to a parole-eligible sentence in 2017. 1, Box 95 La. He was convicted when he when he was 17 years old for killing a cop. In Montgomery v.Louisiana, 577 U. S. ____ (2016), the U.S. Supreme Court addressed how state courts should apply its decision in Miller v. Alabama, in which the Court held that the Eighth Amendment prohibits a sentencing scheme that requires life in prison without the possibility of parole for juvenile homicide offenders. We do this so we know you're real, and not a bot. On April 11, the state of Louisiana denied Henry Montgomery’s request for parole for the second time. Henry Tile Gallery Contact Us Professionals Homeowners Stone Countertop Shop Locations Montgomery, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama Huntsville, Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama Pensacola, Florida Memphis, Tennessee In 1969, Henry Montgomery was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder. In 1963, Montgomery killed Charles Hurt, a deputy sheriff in East Henry Montgomery Respondent Louisiana Location Louisiana Supreme Court Docket no. Montgomery was 17 years old at the time of the crime. Henry Montgomery v. Louisiana from the Supreme Court of Louisiana See other cases from Louisiana. Brief of petitioner Henry Montgomery filed. : 14-280 DECIDED BY: Roberts Court (2010-2016) LOWER COURT: Louisiana Supreme Court CITATION: 577 US (2016) GRANTED: Mar 23, 2015 ARGUED: Oct 13, 2015 DECIDED: Jan 25, 2016 ADVOCATES: Michael R. Dreeben - Deputy Solicitor General, for the United States as amicus curiae, for … He was the last member to vote and the only one to vote against Montgomery’s release. But he’s been in prison since 1963. This amicus curiae asked the Court to retroactively apply the Miller decision to the case of Mr. Henry Montgomery. 417, Lettsworth, LA 70753 in Pointe Coupee County. The case was brought by Henry Montgomery, a Louisiana inmate who challenged his sentence for the killing of an East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputy in 1963, when Montgomery … At 72 years old, Montgomery is now one of the oldest inmates at Louisiana State Penitentiary. In 1963, Montgomery killed Charles Hurt, a deputy sheriff in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This decision potentially affects up to 2,300 cases nationwi While being frisked, Montgomery pulled out a pistol and shot and killed the deputy. 15 × 15. He was convicted, and the verdict resulted in an automatic life-without-parole sentence. I Petitioner is Henry Montgomery. A three-member board voted 2-1 in Henry Montgomery’s favor, but parole decisions must be unanimous in Louisiana. “It’s a tough, tough decision,” said board member Brennan Kelsey. Inmates like Henry Montgomery, for instance, who had just turned age seventeen in 1963 when he killed a police officer. A man convicted in the 1963 slaying of a Louisiana law enforcement officer was slated to get his first chance at parole on Thursday, but his hearing was delayed up to two months. Montgomery v. Louisiana Case Brief Statement of the Facts: In 1963, 17-year-old Montgomery killed a deputy sheriff in Louisiana. Docket Entries on February 26, 2016 Mandate Issued on … 2 MONTGOMERY v. LOUISIANA Opinion of the Court N. E. 3d 709, 722. Montgomery is a town in the far northwestern portion of Grant Parish, which is located in north-central Louisiana, United States. Henry Montgomery is associated with 4 companies in Bastrop, Batchelor, Lettsworth LA, and Monroe There are 4 individuals that go by the name of Henry Montgomery in Louisiana. Henry Montgomery is the son of Addison Forbes Montgomery and Jake Reilly. Jul 28 2015 Brief amici curiae of Certain Family Members of Victims Killed by Youths He is 72 years old, and has been incarcerated since 1963 for a homicide committed at age 17. Jul 23 2015 Brief amici curiae of The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Louisiana filed. At the age of 17, Henry Montgomery killed a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, police officer in 1963 and was sentenced to life without parole for the crime. Petitioner is Henry Montgomery.