This hand made protective mat is from the trusted Deckprotect and will protect your deck from the extreme heat of the fire pit. Their fire pit pad is a revolutionary device that was created by a team of engineers and scientists in 2009 to protect any decking surfaces from extreme heat generated by portable Fire Pits and Chiminea’s. Protect your deck and other sensitive areas from damage while you enjoy a warm fire. This mat comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have a wooden floor or other such delicate floors, it can be really difficult to get rid of the burn marks from it. It is made up of volcanic rock fibers. However, the fire pits that are used to lit fires can often damage your lawns, patio, or garden. This mat will help you to light a fire anywhere you want, without damaging the floor underneath. For a shipping quote outside the original 48 states, please email us: The barrier’s support structure is made from aluminum and is held up by 5 rubber feet that allow water to drain through perforations in the tray and to permit airflow underneath. The mat can be rolled up easily as it is highly flexible and thus will take up very less space for storage. Required fields are marked *. And those satisfied customers, surely, are testimonials to this mat being a product worthy of a purchase. The GrillBee fire pit mat is a 36 inch under the grill heat protecting mat that will protect your deck from grills, smokers and wood burning fire pits. The surface of the mat is heat-resistant and any flying embers or other damaging things will be safely kept away from your floors. You would need a firepit mat to prevent such things from damaging the surface of the floors. Porch Shield 600D Heavy Duty Patio Round Fire Pit/Table/Bowl Cover 32 inch, 100% Waterproof, Black PERFECT SIZE FOR ANY FIRE PIT - Our Fireproof mats work within a tolerance of 4" so whether you have a small fire Pit of 24" or Large 36" we have a size that's right for you! Tolare Fire Pit Mat 24 Inch, Round Fireproof mat Deck Protector Pad for Outdoor Wood Burning, Gas Fire Pit Accessories, Charcoal Grill, BBQ Smoker, Patio, Grass Heat Resistant Mat $29.99 $ 29 . Raise the fire pit off the ground if it does not have a stand. But not any fire pit mat would do. You can place your fire pits over this mat and it will make sure that your lawn or patio stays protected. Yes! So, they radiate maximum heat thereby protecting the area around the fire pit from sustaining any damage. We are also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. H Square Granite Mantle LP Gas Fire Pit with Faux Wicker Panels and Electronic Ignition Model# GAD1200B (1399) Well, fire pits in generally supposed to be used on patios or decks. Your grilling sessions can be made cleaner and more enjoyable if you can save on the amount of time spent in cleaning the areas. It is not affected by sunlight or water and do not rust or change color. With a roaring fire, some fire pits can reach 1200 degrees F, well above the temperature your wooden deck will combust. A savvy homeowner would spend a little money to purchase a good fire pit mat for … Deck Protect for this fire table is available in natural aluminum finish or black finish. Deck Defender & Grass Guard - Fire Pit Heat Shield - New. I found there is no difference if you use a wooden deck or a composite deck. The only fireproof product on the market to safely burn fire pit or chimeneas on wood or composite decks. fire pit decor The barrel can be used to light the fire. Can You Put A Fire Pit On A Wood Deck? Your email address will not be published. It is suitable for your lawns and gardens too. This T-shirt will be sent to you free as a gift to express our appreciation when you send us good photos of your fire pit and deck protect with a few words about how you are using it. But if your fire pit produces... Best 24 inch Square Fire Pit Bowl Replacement 2019. A 1 year warranty is also included. This DeckProtect square Fire Pit Mat with Silver Aluminum Rack is a 100% heat resistant mat created to protect any wood or combustible surface from extreme and radiant heat produced by your Fire Pit, Fire Bowl, or Chiminea, allowing you to relax with friends in front of a warm fire without any worries about possible damage to your deck or patio. Here are some of the best mats which will save a lot of your time and effort. The DeckProtect pad will protect any wood or combustible surface from extreme heat generated by portable Fire Pits and Chiminea's. (i) This fireproof mat can protect your wooden deck from the extreme heat of the fire pit as it has been tested to withstand the temperature of 1400 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods without any damage to either the mat or the deck beneath. World Novelty: A DeckSafe Fire Pit $ 850.00 – $ 980.00. And you love your beautiful patio too! 82 EmberGuard. The mat is made out of volcanic rock fiber. This high-quality mat’s black color will not fade away; neither the material will break down. Furthermore, if a protective mat is placed under it, it will protect your deck or grass beneath from that damage. Most notably is the whether the fire will be gas or wood burning. Saving the best for last, this mat comes with a 10-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.